Rights and Responsibilities of the Jewish People during the Holocaust

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On the day of January 30, 1933 Adolf Hitler became the chancellor of Germany. You are about to learn what the rights and responsibilities of the Jews in Nazi Germany where. Adolf Hitler used propaganda throughout Germany to brainwash people to believe that that “the Jews are our misfortune”. Some of the tools that he used as propaganda against the Jews was the weekly newspaper called the “der sturmer” which meant the attacker. At the front of all the newspapers it said in bold that the Jews are our misfortune. There were also many cartoons that showed Jews as if they were hooked-nosed. The influence of the newspaper was spreading fast and by 1938 almost half a million copies where distributed a week. Lots of horrible stuff happened …show more content…

A medical professor named dr.Brandt sent a request to be assisted by “placing prisoners at his disposal for research work into the cause of contagious jaundice” (hepatitis epidemic). Permission was granted to go forward with the experiments to produce a new kind of spotted fever to 100 suitable prisoners. The experiments showed that at higher altitudes than 10.5km breathing stopped after about 30 minutes, but their hearts continued beating for another 20 minutes. The third experiment of this flue took such an intense course that the doctor had to call the camp physician to be a witness. It was a continuous experiment with the oxygen level below 12km. The test was conducted on a 37 year old Jew in good general condition. When the test began the breathing continued for up to 30 minutes. After about four minutes the test subject began to perspire and started to wiggle his head and twitch; after five minutes cramps started to occur. After around 6 and 10 minutes into the experiment breathing increased rapidly and the test subject became unconscious; after about 11 to 30 minutes the subject’s breathing slowed back down to 3 breaths every minute, finally coming to a complete stop. A couple minutes later foam Started to appear at his mouth.

One hour after he stopped breathing his head was removed and so was the brain. In the veins and arteries of the brain air was found in places. To test were air was being tapped in their bodies, they

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