Rise To Insanity Research Paper

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In today’s world, insanity is defined through many different perspectives. The dictionary definition of insanity is “the state of being seriously mentally ill.” However, is this really what insanity means? Society has taken it into its own gracious hands to define “the insane” through physical appearance and that seems to be the general consensus of people all over the world. So, what exactly does society deem to be insane? According to science, one would be classified as insane if they showed symptoms of emotional unbalance, dementia, lunacy, hallucinations, and general irrationality. Perhaps they are bipolar, in which their mood decides to change rapidly without any sort of catalyst. One second, one can be smiling, and the next moment …show more content…

Suddenly you reach a point where you wonder if you’re mentally okay. Why are you exhibiting certain behaviors that you never did before. Why are you so paranoid? Why doesn't anyone else experience this?
But it’s not your fault and it’s not like it’s controllable. It’s a misfire in the brain, something has gone wrong. It takes a lot of endless nights and a whole bunch of questions to God for you to ever recover and go back to what is “ normal.”
The rise to insanity is quick. It begins with stress and confusion that escalates more and more. If you can't handle it then it continues on to be something more. It all grows until it reaches a peak. At the peak you are crying, laughing, or screaming - it’s hard to understand what you are feeling and why. Where did this emotion come from and why am I suddenly overcome by it? At its downfall, the person will become numb. Unsure of what to feel and so unable to feel it in the first place. Everything passes by in a blur, you start to question much of your existence, and you become very sad. It’s even harder than normal to get up in the morning to find a reason of why you should do it. No motivation, no energy, no effort. Nothing. Just life moving past your very own eyes almost as if you aren't taking in any part of

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