Rita Hayworth and Shawshank

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In the novella rita hayworth and the shawshank redemption relationships made in the prison result in an overall. benificial relationships are shown through reds relationships with the inmates and gaurds, andys relationship with warden norton anf andys relationship with tommy. reds relationship with the guards and inmates are the only reason red has had a successful stay at shawshank. throughout shawshank red makes many deals with the guards not only improving his time at shawshank but giving him a higher status in the prison " Nine or Ten names drawn out of hat and two of them happend to be Andy's and my own" (Page 40) It can most deffinitely be inferred that red made some sort of deal with the gaurds to get the both of them on the roof top considering it was a desired job and nearly seventy other men also wanted the job. Red's relationship withthe gaurds gets him the things he wants when he wants giving him a more positive outlook on the time he is serving. Red is known as the man who can get you things arounf shawshank. Nearly everyone comes to him for anything from cigarettes to a rock hammer. He not only makes a profit off of the items he gets for people he gains a source of power within the prison. Red being the man who can get things is really what sparked the relationship between Andy and Red. " I heard your the man who knows how to get things" (Pg 27) Short but sweet some of the first words shared by andy to red. This is a major monent in the novella because this
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