Rite Of Passage Essay

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Imagine bungee jumping but with only jungle vines attached to your ankles, terrifying right? Well for the Bunlap tribe, this is their rite of passage called land diving. Young boys participate in this rite to prove their masculinity to their tribe. On the day of the jump, the mother holds the young boy’s favourite toy and after the successful jump by the boy (head first with vines attached to ankles), the mother throws away the toy and the boy is considered a man afterwards. This rite of passage is celebrated during a festival on Pentecost Island. Only men in this tribe participate in land diving and women provide support through dancing. Long ago, land diving was to bless the soil for a good yam harvest by skimming their head on the soil …show more content…

This competition helps the society change in better ways (The Scope of Sociology, 2017).
Q: How does the conflict theory give an advantage to those in the higher social class?
A: The conflict theory gives an advantage to those in the higher social class because they have more wealth than those in the lower classes. In a way, the higher classes control the lower class and it makes the lower classes harder to move up in the world (Boundless, 2016). For example, an extraordinarily rich person hires a personal chefs but pays them low wages. This makes it hard for those in lower classes to move up because they are in a way being controlled by higher classes.
Q: What is structural functionalism and how does it in a way give hope to those in lower classes?
A: Structural functionalism is a “society that consists of different but related parts, each of which serves a particular purpose” (Functionalism,n.d.). Functionalism gives hope to those in lower classes as it they insist that moving upward in social class is earned through hard work since “each segment of a society serves a purpose for the society as a whole” (The Scope of Sociology, 2017). On the other hand, there are philanthropists who donated some of their wealth to help the society. For example, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg.
All in all, conflict theory helps a society progress but

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