Robert Frost Nothing Gold Can Stay Analysis

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Robert Frost wrote this poem in 1923. Frost is referencing creation from the perspective of a Christian. The poem is about creation and how creation evolves over time. Frost is an American poet from New England. He was very concerned with the current political climate. This piece is a collection of 20th-century poetry.
The style of this poem is lyrical, it is a short poem that portrays Frost's feelings about growing up. I believe he chose this style because the poem follows rhythm and rhyme in a way that makes the reader want to hear it over and over again, just like a song. Frost definitely chose the correct style for this one because I can't imagine it in any other way. I think it's lyrical because it's short and sweet and rhymes continually.
The title 'nothing gold can stay' implies multiple possibilities; Frost chose this title because it makes you think a bit and helps you decide what the actual poem is about. The title means that well nothing gold can stay, although everyone tries so hard nobody will ever be as youthful and free as they were when they were a child. But this poem could also simply mean that something that is gold can deteriorate easily even if you try to get it to stop it can't. The first option is what I chose to believe but the second one is plausible.
Frost repeats a few times in his poem Nothing Gold Can Stay. He repeats gold twice and leaf three times he also uses the word her and so as more transitional words, but having her also adds

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