Robert Frost

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When the sun sets every day we come face to face with the dark and the night, because it seems that it can bring out the invisible monsters that hide from the sun. The night and the dark go hand in hand, yet the two are portrayed as different in the poems and maybe even in our head. In this essay the two poems that support my views are written by two great authors, Dickinson with the poem “We grow accustomed to The Dark” and Robert Frost with the poem “Acquainted with the dark”. The dark is a sadness that we find ourselves with sometimes but can move on from, whereas the Night is more like an invisible monster that is always walking with you. The authors’ use of free vs. concrete structure, singular vs. plural point of views and the unnatural vs. natural imagery in the poems lead to the themes and the feelings in the poem of Dickinson’s having a hopeful undertone while Frosts’ poem remains to stay negative.

The structure of the poems in this situation is representing of many things. In Dickinson’s poem the structure of it is very free and holds a lot of uncertainty, you can see this because of the dashes in the poem, structure of the stanzas and the rhyme scheme in the poem that follows no particular pattern. I believe this is written like this to show how the darkness comes and goes so it can be a kind of well – a mess. Frost sticks to a more structured version and keeps a constant rhyme scheme throughout the poem, implying the certainty that you can encounter with the
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