Robert Frost Poetry Analysis

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“The Road Not Taken” and “Nothing Gold Can Stay” are just two of many very famous poems, written by none other than Robert Frost. Robert Frost is a poet that is well known for his poetic contributions to nature, as well as his award winning poems. His poetic ability and knowledge make him an extraordinary author. His past; including schooling, family, and the era in which he wrote influenced nearly all of his poems in some way. This very famous poet contributed to the modernism era, had a family and an interesting life story, and a unique poetic style as well.
The literary era in which Robert Frost wrote was the modernism era. This era was a time when poets, and artists in general, were starting to rebel against the “normal” way to write poetry, or perform arts. The poetic term for this is known as a poetic license. In Robert Frost’s “The Rose Family”, he writes:
And now the theory goes,
The apple’s a rose,
And the pear is, and so’s
The plum, I suppose (
The style of this line, as well as the remainder of the poem, represents poetic license. Also, in the use of the word theory, Frost shows his abstract idea on the “theory” of beauty, which is also looked at as connotation or a metaphor. This greatly contibutes to the modernism era, because it shows the unique structure of the ideas and poetic devises being created throughout this time period. Another poem that Frost portrays his modern era in is the poem “The Oven Bird”.:
There is a singer everyone

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