Robert Nozick : The Ideal Life Of Happiness

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Imagine a world where a person could experience everything they have ever wanted in the world. The individual would have the most enjoyable and ideal life possible. It would be their version of the perfect life. Robert Nozick, in Philosophical Explanations, describes the experience machine. This is a hypothetical machine that stimulates the brain into feeling like it is experiencing a realistic life, these experiences are all the events that one has ever dreamed of in their ideal life, and the machine works by connecting one’s brain to electrodes while their body remains motionless. Envision a person sitting in a chair as a ‘movie’ scrolls in their head. However, this time, the movie lasts forever because one cannot simply ‘unplug’ from the experience machine. Once an individual is connected, they cannot get out. With the opportunity to walk in a universe of one’s happiest life sparks the question; would they get into the machine? Nozick first discusses the fact that happiness is not all that matters. “Even if happiness were the only thing we cared about, we would not care solely about its total amount… we would care also how the happiness is distributed over a lifetime.” (Nozick 179). If the quantitative amount of happiness was the only important thing, people would be indifferent to a life of constantly decreasing happiness and a constantly increasing life of happiness. The experience machine would give an individual a life of maximal desired pleasure, it would

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