Robinson Crusoe Book Analysis

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h: Major Works Data Sheet Title: Robinson Crusoe Author: Daniel Defoe Date of Publication: April 17, 1719 Genre: Adventure, Historical Fiction Biographical information about the author: Daniel Defoe was an English market worker, writer pamphleteer, and spy born in 1659 and died in April 24, 1721. But, he was only really famous for his book, Robinson Crusoe. His first writing was an idea to help bring the treaty of Ryswick, the treaty to bring the end of the nine years war. His death was truly unknown, although his grave labels lethargy, Scientists now believe it was a stroke that killed Daniel Defoe. Historical information about period of publication: The story was written about lots of exploration, as in the 17th and 18th century …show more content…

In the morning, he saw the ship rammed into a giant rock on the beach of a nearby island, and he brought his raft to it, to save anyone or anything before it fell into the ocean. He found out that no one survived, but he did grab tons of trips worth supplies from the boat before it sank two days later. He brought all of his stuff to a valley he found and he built a tent there and a retaining wall. He dug a cave to put his barrels of food and gunpowder along with other supplies in. For many years he was there hunting for food and then one day, he was walking and on a beach he had found skulls, leg bones, tons of pieces of multiple human skeletons on the beach. It wasn’t until multiple months later they returned, where he watched from the top of hill with a periscope. Savages would take multiple people for their sacrificial feast of human being. Robinson wanted to kill them, but he feared that more would come. When they left he back to his normal life in the island and he built a farm, a pasture for goats and much more. Then he saw them return. He thought that the only way to get off this island was to save a prisoner and make him help him. So, on the 23rd year

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