Roizen Case Study

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1. When her fiancé tragically died while she was attending Standford University, Heidi Roizen realized that her life had begun to revolve around his (McGinn & Tempest 2010). Abandoning the structure of a closed clique network (Class Slides) with her fiancé as the hub, Roizen began developing her own networks, to regain power over her relationships and her personal trajectory. Roizen engaged her existing networks of friends (which she had likely developed through the Proximity Principle for network building) to obtain a contact for a desired job of newsletter editor at Tandem (Class Slides). Further, she landed the job thanks to the Self-Similarity Principle (Class Slides), by hitting it off with the manager in charge of hiring. …show more content…
Heidi Roizen developed her networks through a number of techniques, including those used to influence, which are outlined below:
• Likeability (Cialdini 2001) – Roizen portrayed a “genuine, down-to-earth personality”, was also noted to maximize short conversations with memorable ideas, and gave her undivided attention to audiences, reporters, anyone she considered talented (McGinn & Tempest 2010)
• Reciprocity (Cialdini 2001) – by assisting with recruiting, in particular during her days as a Mentor Capitalist, and by providing access to influential people in the software industry (Pfeffer

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