Role of Women in 'Things Fall Apart'

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Women in the Ibo society are lower in the hierarchy than men; however, they are still holders of very important roles in the Ibo society. Women seem to be useless and without any power, but at a further look into their role, a bigger significance is revealed. Even though wife beating is allowed and women are discriminated in several other ways, they still possess significant roles, such as householders, educators of the children and caretakers of crops. Women also function as spiritual leaders and other important roles in the Ibo religion.

Women in “Things Fall Apart” are in general thought of as the weaker sex. At a first glance, women are the laborers, and the producers of children. They are not respected as real people, but are more …show more content…

'Beware of exchanging words with Agbala. Does a man speak when a god speaks? Beware!'" (71) She is not only going against Okonkwo’s will, but also threatening him at the same time. As a respond, Okonkwo does nothing but accepts it and shows respect because of her spiritual role as priestess. This is the only time in the novel that Okonkwo plead with anyone, male or female. Another example of a woman possessing a spiritual

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