Romanticism In Frederick Douglass

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Frederick Douglas and Romanticism The famous American romanticism Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave, written by Frederick Douglass significantly tells and describes the life story of Frederick Douglass experiences, hardships, and inspiration as an African American slave. Throughout the Narrative, Douglass uses precise diction and defined imagery to trap the reader physically and intellectually. Douglass shows his audience that slavery was beyond black’s being own by white’s. He successfully is able to give a strong foundation and understanding on what the word slavery for an African American actually meant. “Douglass’s Narrative, explore the ideology that legitimized, justified, and rationalized slavery on the basis that Africans and their descendants were subhuman.” (Bruce). Douglass even goes into depth and he is able to connect his experience as a slave with romanticism. Romanticism can fairly be looked at as a relationship between nature and a higher power(God). According to the English Teaching: Practice and critique romanticism are “ “...The elements of feeling and of thought” through the subjective process of synthesizing interior and sensual experience brings the individual into a state of undivided oneness with the “wisdom and spirit of the universe” ”. Frederick Douglass upbringing was in the romantic period. This period is when slaves needed a higher power to believe in for hope. Hope that one day they will be lead to

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