Rome: The Most Successful Ancient Civilization

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Introduction The Romans were the most successful ancient civilization, for their architecture and construction, government and justice system, and their military prowess. They were able to construct still standing buildings, invent the Republic, and conquer the Mediterranean. Construction & Architecture The first reason is their construction and architecture. The Romans were able to build many immense and complex structures such as seven-story apartment homes, elaborate bath houses, massive arenas, and ornate temples. Sanitation The Romans also made advancements in sanitation with their innovations in regards to sewers, aqueducts, and toilets. A public Roman bathroom was usually a long block of stone with holes periodically cut into it. The aqueducts were to bring in fresh water from the hills to flush out the sewage. The sewers were tunnels underground that carried sewage to a river. Since toilet paper was not available, the Romans used sponges on a stick, which were cleaned in water.

The Romans would not have been able to build all they did, however, without their invention of concrete.
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Rome and Carthage continued fighting after the first Punic War, and Rome eventually took control of Sardinia. The Carthaginians eventually acquired territory in Spain and continued war with Rome. When the Carthaginians marched through the Iberian Peninsula and refused to leave, Rome declared war. The Carthaginians led their armies through Spain and Gaul, eventually encountering and defeating a Roman army. With the assistance of Gallic tribesmen, the Carthaginians captured the second largest city in Rome, Capua. In 211 BC the Romans recaptured Capua. Another Carthaginian army marched into Rome in 207 BC, but was also defeated. The Romans then marched on Spain and forced the Carthaginians out in 206 BC. The Romans then attacked Africa and the Carthaginians surrendered after one last battle in 204
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