Romeo And Juliet Character Analysis

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For my director's notebook, I decided to base it on one of the most classic plays written in history, Romeo and Juliet. The play was written by William Shakespeare, and encompasses the tragic love story of two people who could never be with each other, due to who they were. In the play, it is seen, that there is a separation between the characters and the ways they live their lives. For instance, the Montagues spent their lives hating and looking down on the Capulets, just like they did to them. With the continuous exchanges of disgust it started to cause fighting between the two, and this is where we start to see to root problem of the story. The fighting between the two families, comes from an extreme sense of hatred, and in the play we see how this in turn complicates the relationship, that Romeo and Juliet want. The first time they met, they had no clue who the other was, but they knew that it was love at first sight. Unfortunately, it proved to be something different than what they expected, when they had discovered each others name. They were placed in despair because they knew, that they could never be together as long as both of them kept their names, Juliet being a Capulet and Romeo a Montague. Even though they attempted to keep their relationship a secret, it becomes difficult when Juliet is practically forced to marry another man, one whom she shared no connection with. It’s at this moment that the audience is shown the beginning of the end of the two lovers.

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