Romeo And The Germanic Word Buildungsroman Essay

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Different Gender Roles in Buildungsroman; Agnes Grey and David Copperfield The Germanic word Buildungsroman is a classification of literary genre that specifically focuses on personal accomplishment and maturation of main characters through texts. Buildungsroman is also considers to be the most significant description of emotional growth of main characters from their youth. This term Bildungsroman is closely associated with the two English novels written in the nineteenth century; “Agnes Grey” (1847) by Anne Bronte and “David Copperfield” (1850) by Charles Dickens. These two novels are representative female and male Buildungsroman in the way of determine the gender role of each works. The variations between the two novels feature the shape of the expression of the genre. The major comparison of the two novels is the different social behavior of marriage based on the gender ideology.
“Agnes Grey” by Anne Bronte features the contribution towards the demand of rights for women cannot be simply ignored; through the life of the main character Agnes being governess. Agnes starts to put herself into being household governess in order to financially support her family. She faces small incidents during her governess duty, which can enlighten her social status and limits of gender roles. This is one of the representatives Bildungsroman which traces the progress of a young person towards awareness and a sense of social responsibility. Cates Baldrid analyzes “Agnes Grey” as a

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