Romeo & Juliet - Parental Relationships

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Shakespeare: Romeo & Juliet Parental Relationships – Sample Essay 1 Explore the way Shakespeare presents Juliet’s changing relationship with her parents to the audience during the course of the play. Juliet’s relationship with her parents changes during the course of the play, she is shy, obedient and behaves in a way that is typical of a wealthy daughter of the time. By the end of the play she is disobedient and becomes very independent. The storyline of the play is about A young boy and girl that fall in love at first sight their families are enemies, they marry in secret and they all end up dead. Women of this time were a lower class to men and all men owned their wives and children and to see a women even speak without a males…show more content…
This shows Juliet has changed from being very innocent and obedient to very disobedient. After the ball Romeo climbs up to Juliet’s balcony and sees her talking to herself about him and calling his name. he shows himself to her, this is her second stage of her disobedience, she talks to Romeo again they kiss and exchange quick words, she always keeps an eye out for her parents because if she gets caught talking to Romeo they will neglect her, she knows what she is doing is wrong done to her parents but she thinks this is love so she goes ahead with it. The audience of this time of when the play was written and preformed, would be in great shock, because Juliet has gone against her parents, and not just kissing him but then meeting him on the balcony of her room. The audience would be shocked at a young girl with her status to be doing this. The next day, the nurse knows all about Romeo and Juliet goes to the friar to organise a marriage between Juliet and Romeo. He agrees with the marriage, then they marry several days later without parents consent. At this time it was the done thing for arranged marriages to be organised by parents, and they also pick their daughters husband. Juliet goes completely against her parents and does it herself several people disobey the Capulet family by either organising or being part of this unarranged marriage which are friar Lawrence, Romeo,
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