Romeo and Juliet Commentary - Act 2

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The balcony scene in act two, scene two, also known as one of the most famous scenes in all of literature, Shakespeare shows us how Romeo is an “obsessive lover”, and expresses the love that both Romeo and Juliet feel towards each other. He shows us that Romeo is an obsessive lover since he was just mourning his love towards Rosaline, but he falls in love with Juliet with just one look at her. This passage has an important role in the play, because it is where the obstacles that they will both face begin, and will end in misery.
The theme beauty of love is mostly found in this passage, it shows us how Romeo can forget about a person he claims to be in love with so easily with just one look at Juliet. Shakespeare creates a dramatic effect
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It seems like her eyes capture him, “two of the fairest stars in all the heaven”, and as he watches her place a hand upon her cheek, he wishes that he was that glove to touch her cheek, “O that I were a glove upon that hand, that I might touch that cheek!” Romeo continues to describe her in a way that shows the strong feeing of love he feels towards her.
This passage’s aim is to show the beauty of love that both Romeo and Juliet have, but ironically have to keep it a secret since there is a feud between both their families, since their love will not be allowed, and this will cause many problems for both of them in the future. This passage is both informative and descriptive. It describes Juliet’s beauty and the love that Romeo feels towards her, and its informative because it informs the readers Romeo’s feelings, and the way he sees Juliet, “the brightness of her cheek would shame those stars”. It also shows the beauty of love, since they both still love each other even when they know that there will be consequences if they were caught, and they are ready to sacrifice their lives for their love.
The beauty of love is what this passage focuses on, it shows us the love that two young lovers have towards each other. Even though they both know that their love is forbidden, they still love each other deeply. Shakespeare’s writing skills helps the audience connect with the characters with
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