Romeo and Juliet Is a Dramatic and Emotional Play. Comment on How Shakespeare Creates Atmosphere

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Romeo and Juliet is a dramatic and emotional play. Comment on how Shakespeare creates atmosphere in: • Act 1 scene 5 • Act 2 scene 2 • Act 3 scene 5 Romeo and Juliet is a dramatic play which leaves the audience feeling many emotions; happiness, sadness, anger, romance and suspense. It is fast moving and the atmosphere changes between the different emotions suddenly but easily. It keeps you watching to see what will happen between the “ill-fated” Romeo and Juliet. Act 1 scene 5 is one of the most important scenes in Romeo and Juliet as this is the scene where Romeo and Juliet meet at Capulet’s party and its love at first sight. In Shakespeare’s time many people believed that if it wasn’t love at first sight then it wasn’t…show more content…
The audience will keep watching, firstly because it is a love scene, but also because Romeo and Juliet could get caught at any moment keeping the audience on the edge of their seats in suspense. This conversation is an excellent example of love at first sight, as Romeo and Juliet clearly have chemistry between them from the moment they start talking to each other. When the conversation ends, the audience will be in a hushed silence wondering what will happen next. Suddenly, Juliet's nurse comes and tells Juliet that her mother wants a word with her. When Juliet goes to see what her mother wants, the nurse and Romeo are alone. This is when Romeo finds out that Juliet is a Capulet, “My life is my foes debt.” Romeo is worried that if Capulet or any of Capulet’s family find out about him and Juliet, it will be his life that the family will want. This provokes thought in the audience and makes them wonder if Romeo is still going to stay with Juliet now he knows she is a Capulet. Questioning the audience is a great way to keep members engaged and making them guess what will happen, will keep them watching to see if they are right. After the party Juliet and nurse are standing alone watching the last of the guests leave. Juliet starts asking nurse who several young men are and through dramatic irony, (where the audience

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