Roof Doctor Job Description

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Roof doctor is a professional roofing company based in Blackpool with over 22 years’ experience, they understand that quality comes first. They only use the best quality materials so you can rest assure that your property is being repaired to high standard.
This Blackpool roofer offers a multitude of services ranging from repairs, full roof installation, coatings, guttering services, fitting of dry verge, fascia’s and soffits, or flat roofing. All these services are carried out by fully trained staff who have all relevant qualifications.
You may be asking what some of these services entail.
You may be asking what repairs covers well if you need Chimney Repairs, Tiles Replaced, Repair fascias & soffits, Roofing upgrades and Gutter Repairs. After you have had a repair you may want to keep your roof and fitting in good order you can do this by clearing your guttering heads twice a year to stop a build-up of unwanted …show more content…

Using solar paint can prolong the life of your roof re painting your roof every 3-5 years should help with keeping your roof in the best condition.

Flat Roofs
Many people see flat roof and think trouble, what many people don’t understand most problems with flat roofs stem from a poorly fitted flat roof. When a flat roof is fitted properly you rarely have problems. You can get different types of flat roof, roof doctor specialise in:
Felt Roofs – These roofs can last around 10- 20 years depending on how you look after it
Rubber Roof – These roofs last around 30- 50 when installed correctly.
GRP Fibre Glass Roof – These generally last around 25 – 30 years when installed correctly.
Dry Verge, Fascias and Soffits
Dry Verge – These are used as a mortar free and secure way of fixing concrete verge tiles. With its tidy interlocking design provides a consistent appearance that requires no

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