Root Cause Of Incarceration

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The thought of incarceration might make the average person feel a bit uncomfortable. There is something inherently unnatural about humans being locked up and possibly abused in a cell; for the most part, we would prefer to simply not think about it. The root cause of this aversion is coincidentally the root cause of the need for prison itself. As human beings, every single one of us has an inherent dignity that is never meant to be taken away. When a criminal strips a person of their dignity through burglary or assault, we put the criminal in prison. Sequentially, when a criminal is stripped of their dignity in prison by being treated as an animal, it still does not sit right with us. The sole purpose of incarceration is to protect the members of society; our legal system has the responsibility to protect us from those who threaten our dignity and freedom by removing them from society and giving them the opportunity to heal enough to either re-enter society or die an honorable death behind bars because every person has an inherent dignity as a human being. The main function of any government is to protect the freedom and dignity of its people. In many situations, incarceration is one of the best ways to keep citizens safe. Criminal acts of violence strip humans of their dignity. Every human being deserves to live in a world where their value will be recognized. Rape, battery, and other forms of assault are unacceptable in society, therefore those who commit these acts must

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