Rosa Parks Discrimination

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Discrimination has been alive for years, now more than ever it has caused an uproar in society. Back in the 50’s it was almost impossible to see an African American standing up for what they believe in; Over the years there have been several figures in the public that attempted putting a halt to the silence of blacks freedom and rights. Growing up being called names such as “thug” and hearing others speak so low of your race can have a big toll on someone’s life. Witnessing violence and crime merges the idea of the image you have to uphold in one’s head from an early age, this is why there is a stereotype of the way colored people act. Over time there have been several public figures that have spoken up for what they believe in. Rosa Parks is a huge part of history due to her standing up for the right to sit wherever she wanted. December 1, 1955 Parks walked onto a bus and sat in the white’s section of the bus. After being noticed she was told to move to back of the bus where the other colored people sat, Parks refused seeing as she to was a human being and just because of the color of her skin she did not deserve to be told she needed to move to the back. “Parks arrest led the black community of Montgomery to boycott the municipal bus system” (Curtis, E., & Wang, J. Y. (2015, February 04). How Rosa Parks changed a nation. Retrieved December 07, 2017, from . These actions led to the following of others and to
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