Rousseau Vs Democracy

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Democracy, More Like DemoCRAZY

An issue with the concept and philosophy of democracy is that idea in which is theorized to uphold can sometimes contradict themselves. Democracy in itself cannot be definitely defined, but instead is left up to interpretation by many philosophers and theorists, all of whom have wildly varying convictions of how an actual democracy should function. The ideals in which one person might claim to the be fundamental basics of their version of a democracy could also the Achilles heel in their defense against it. There is no constant in democracy, but some arguments do provide a reasonable justification to what they claim to be a democracy. Some interpretations are better than others, some can defend themselves …show more content…

The government’s role in Rousseau's democracy is simply to administer and apply laws, not make them. In order to ensure and maintain the general will of the people, especially since the people must unanimously vote on any law in a public assembly, Rousseau encourages the idea of an “official censor” that would protect and encourage the people to “act in accordance with popular morality” (83). Rousseau also advocates for a “civil religion” that works under three main properties: everyone subscribe to a religion (this is to “make him love his duty”), all religions must be tolerated, and everyone should subscribe to the “civil religion”. The last of that list is to have sermons that teach how to be a proper citizen a loyal to the state. All of what sees in a democracy branch from his idea of united mind and moral, a general will. As stated earlier, no fundamental idea of democracy is without fault, and Rousseau’s is certainly not an exception. First and foremost, the idea of a general will and a unanimous collective overlooks and crushes the concept of individual freedoms and liberties. In fact, it is entirely possible for the general consensus to agree upon a policy to be implemented into the general will, only to have that policy force some kind of freedom onto those who do not want it. And in addition to that, those who are opposed to forced freedoms, or any kind of matter that does not conform to the general will, and then silence. Any kind of thought

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