Ruby Ridge : A Call Of Arms?

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Ruby Ridge: A Call to Arms? On a warm summer’s day in August of 1992, a police sniper’s bullet pierced the body of Vicki Weaver who was cradling her 10-month old daughter in her arms. She lay mortally wounded on the floor of the cabin as her husband, Randy Weaver, scrambled to safety after being hit by another bullet from the sniper’s rifle. Thus, the legacy of Ruby Ridge was forever etched in the minds of the American people. It is important to understand the players involved to gain a better understanding of what ego states clashed that terrible summer day. Randy Weaver was raised by extremely religious parents and had conservative views (, 2015). He met Vicki, who shared the same conservative views, while attending college. After serving as a green beret in the United States Army, he returned to civilian life, married his love, and settled down to raise a family. Over the years, their views about the government became more right-wing and deepened their resolve to live “off of the grid.” Randy, along with Vicki and their son and two daughters relocated to a rustic cabin near Ruby Ridge, Idaho. The cabin was reminiscent of a 1800s homestead with no running water or electricity. Vicky home schooled the children and Randy hunted and fished off of the land to feed the family. They wanted to be left alone and to return to their basic roots as they feared an apocalypse was in the making for the America. Kevin Harris, a 9th grade dropout, called the Weavers

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