Rumors In To Kill A Mockingbird

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Rumors spread like wildfire, but when the rumor spreads each time it is told it is changed. A new detail is added, a bit of flare is put in to make it even more exciting. Rumors are not the truth they are not even close to the truth, yet people seem to believe rumors more than what the truth actually is. Due to this gossip and these rumors we get people like Boo Radley who are largely misunderstood and who have been given a reputation built on the fantasies of others. These stories that are spread make an innocent man look like a monster in the eyes of the people. In the novel “To Kill a Mockingbird” gossip is something that Maycomb county thrives on. Thanks to Miss Stephanie Crawford everyone in Maycomb is an expert on anything and everything …show more content…

While walking home from school one day the children happen to find two pieces of gum hidden in the knot-hole of a tree on the Radley yard. These treasures, the children soon come to realize, can only be from the elusive man himself Boo Radley. Soon enough the children find even more gifts from Boo such as a small box with Indian-head coins, a ball of twine, a boy and girl carved soap figures, a whole pack of gum this time, a spelling medal, and their most cherished treasure, a pocket watch. This knot hole was the only connection between Boo and the children until the hole was clogged up by Boo’s brother Nathan, but because of that Hole Scout and Jem began to see Boo just a little differently from the way they saw him before. Something that also helped Scouts understanding of Boo began to change was during the fire of Miss maudie’s house. While Jem and Scout watched the events unfold from a safe distance a very unusual thing occurred. Scout while watching the fire did not seem to notice that a blanket that she had not come out with was wrapped around her shoulders. After her father Atticus pointed this out he also mentioned that this was the work of Boo Radley who, like the rest of the neighborhood came out to watch the

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