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Running Head: SOLUTION 1 SOLUTION 7 Health Care Solution Billie Ann Evans English 102 C7Z1 Caroline Mayes-Cooper APA Problem-Solution Essay 05-02-2017 Abstract Health care reform affects everyone in the united states. Having an insurance plan that is sufficient and affordable is necessary in life. Health insurance is necessary to protect Americans and their families from illness and treat injuries without bankrupting them. What is…show more content…
This would fix the entire problem. Some American citizens already participate in a universal health care plan. Medicare and Medicaid are essentially a form of universal nationwide health care (Edwards, 2014). Universal health care plan would help American citizens to obtain health services without suffering financial hardship paying for it (Kieny, 2013). Implementing a universal health plan that created nominal co-pays for services, and drugs, would benefit all American citizens. How to fix the skyrocketing costs. Eliminate premiums all together and implement a five-percent health care income tax on All Americans under the age of sixty-two. At the age of sixty-two, Medicare would become free. The five-percent tax would make health care affordable for all. Americans that make more will pay more, however, the amount funded would still only be five-percent of the family’s income. As of 2015, insurance for a family of four, with an average income of $55,775, the yearly premium costed an average of $17,545 and a single individual’s yearly premium costed $6,251 (Employer Health Benefits Survey, 2015). For example, per personal research, as of 2015, a family of five pays $358 per month, and $4,296 a year for health insurance premiums. That figure rounds out to around eight percent of income from a family with an average income. With the five-percent plan, health care taxes for a family with an average income of $55, 775 per year would be $2,788.75 which could be divided into

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