Russia, The World 's Largest Country

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Russia, the world’s largest country, is a country that is defined by it’s intriguing culture, politics, and physical geography. Let’s begin with the extensive amount of geography that is Russia in comparison to the rest of the world. Russia has the world’s longest continuous coastline, which means that there is more of the country of Russia that touches water than any other country in the world. The climate of Russia, however, is not the most ideal conditions as a large portion of the country is in the Arctic climate zone in the subarctic climate zone, which means it is very cold and has very little access to water for trading or anything else for that matter. To resolve this issue, Russia relies heavily on access to the warm water…show more content…
On the other hand, Russia has had a rough past in regards to the most famous Chernobyl power plant disaster. It was noted as the worst nuclear power plant disaster in history as it took about 500,000 rescue workers to help clean up the radioactive debris and it was estimated that deaths ranged between 30,000 and 200,000 deaths. If people did not die from this, they could have been affected by radioactive exposure, which can cause radiation developing cancer at an early age in children, stillbirths with being born with birth defects. This ultimately led the fallout of the city of Kiev, where everyone was evacuated from the area and remains an empty place that lies within Russia. It has been stated that there is still radioactive radiation that fills the air in Kiev even after 31 years of it occurring. Russia has had an interesting upbringing in the pathway of becoming a powerful nation as it stands today. Russia’s roots started all the way back in the 8-9th century with the migrating slavic groups including the Huns, Samaritans, Turks, and the Persians. The Mongolians were the initial group of individuals that establish a very efficient form of authoritarian bureaucratic structure. The Mongolians were seen as a very radical and ruthless group of people due to the destruction of many
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