SAT Testing Persuasive Essay

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When you think SAT’s, you probably don’t think “Fun”. Well, neither do many adults and officials. In fact, many want to change how these tests work. Nevertheless, there are still some people that think these tests are perfectly fine. So, which is right? Should we make our tests better or keep them the exactly how they are to this day? I wholeheartedly believe that our testing policies should be altered, and maybe I can convince you of this too. I will try and describe the many reasons that we should modify, such as how much time testing takes away from precious learning and the reality that SAT’s are ineffective. There may be various reasonings as to why SAT’s should be renovated, as I have mentioned before, but one major one that comes to mind is that the testing is not equal. In a study found by the New York Times, they found gaps between white people and other ethnicities and …show more content…

They think these test are perfectly fine because they are going over the basics that are taught in class and students will need these skills in the future. As right as that may be, there are still skills that are not tested upon. These include creativity, verbal skills, or various other needs that reflect our personalities. In fact, College of William & Mary did a study in two thousand ten and found that Americans' scores on the Torrance Test of Creative Thinking have been decreasing for twenty years. This could change if we simply changed the tactics of this test and gave it a more charismatic testing system. If we could get it to track creativity and other personal skills, the test would become more effective to the users. It doesn’t necessarily need to be a brand new test; it can just adapt to fit other skills other than school classes. We need a better balance between studies and creativity and a new test would give us

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