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SS1611 Movies and Psychology Story Book Movie Title:The Shawshank Redemption Student Name:Lee Lok Yiu Student Number:53057085 Teacher Name :Dr. Andus Wong Summary of the movie The story begins with a young and successful banker Andy Dufresne whose life changes dramatically when he is convicted of the murderer of his wife and her secret lover. Therefore, Andy is sent to Shawshank Prison to be permanently sentenced despite his claims of innocence. During time in prison, Andy builds up friendship with Red, who is Shawshank’s black market dealer that could supply anyone with almost everything. Therefore, Andy also has to face the cruel(Do you need to use this word?) reality: a corrupt warden and guards as well as prisoners who…show more content…
Zajonc (1970) described the mere exposure effect as “Mere exposure breeds liking”. When Andy first arrives at Shawshank Prison, Red bets that he will be the first one to collapse that night. Apparently, Red knows very little about Andy at the beginning of the movie. However, as time goes by, Red begins to be close with Andy. In jail, people are filled with negative emotions and tons of difficulties. Under this cruel circumstances (What circumstances?), Andy and Red are always together and share with each other about all of their lives, which help them develop their precious friendship. At the end of the film, they are still the best friend of each other. Their shared belief and experience tight them together till the end of their life. Brooks Secondly, mental disorders are shown in the movie. In Shawshank Prison, most of the prisoners suffer from institutional syndrome which refers to“deficits or disabilities in social and life skills, which develop after a person has spent a long period living in mental hospitals, prisons, or other remote institutions. ” (Williams, 1994) This disorder is common to be found with people who live in institutions over a long period of time. Therefore, the sufferers are unable to handle themselves in the world outside the institutions. They would often feel depressed. Brooks is the one who suffers from institutional syndrome. Brooks already mentioned (You have not mentioned Brook in the summary above!) has lived in the jail for fifty
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