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Architecture has always been adapting, revisiting and appropriating what has been done before, looking back to precedents to find new inspirations. Despite new technology and pop-culture, history dictates symbolism and formalistic appeal even if we are unaware of it. We grow up associating certain symbols and imagery to its connotated meaning, for example, when we see a cross we immediately think of Christianity. Because of that, churches nowadays continue to look back to ancient Christian structure to draw long-established design elements and symbols and Sacred Heart Church is no exception. Firstly, I will describe the physical elements of the Sacred Heart church. Afterwards, I will compare and analyze the similarities and differences between this church and pre-modern Christian architecture.
Sacred Heart Church is the second oldest church located 1307 14th Street SW in Downtown Westside in Calgary, Canada. It is founded in 1910. There are two main complexes in this architecture, the older complex constructed
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There is an approximately 8-story tall tower located in the longer structure, towards the back end of the plan. It has a square base with a top section extruding to a singular point, forming a pinnacle. When visitors approach the church, they are welcomed with a courtyard located in the front. This courtyard is miniature in size in comparison to other Christian architectures and therefore cannot be identified as an atrium. Another captivating feature of this church is the statue of Jesus Christ located in this courtyard. When visitors attempt to enter the premises, they will be confronted with a circular platform that elevates the church slightly, segregating itself away from the street. The front entry door has a rectangular frame with an arched top. The window frame of this door is composed of 2 Celtic cross symbols. This symbol is prevalent throughout the composition of the

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