Sadarangani Nowhere Woman Summary

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Sadarangani, Umeeta. "Nowhere Woman? A Reflection on Being Indian, Lesbian, and Academic in the United States." American Studies International 38.3 (2000): 79. General Reference Center. Basically this article is about a Indian woman who talks about her experiences being a Lesbian and how hard was for her to build her identity and find a place where she felt comfortable And feel that she belongs to that place. In this article Sadarangani talks about a part of her life where she did not know who she was and also talks that she went to a conference at Chicago Illinois where for the first time she felt comfortable as lesbian in an Indian space. Basically Sadarangani talks about how her build her identity and some advantages that she had. The author says that the way she looked protected her from certain prejudices, but society made difficult for her to find a community where she fitted in perfectly and felt comfortable Sadarangani says “ as part of her…show more content…
There are stages where they hide their lesbianism because are afraid to not be accepted and when they get to the point and feel that they can’t hide their lesbianism anymore they show their lesbianism. In this article the author Cogan also talks about how some lesbians, talk about the freedom they experienced after coming out the freedom they feel after abandon traditional beauty expectations that forced them into high heels, dresses, and big hairstyles that for some felt uncomfortable and even like a crown after they coming out they feel more comfortable with themselves because they can be what they are walk, do thing without being criticized. This article is perfect for those who want to learn more about lesbianism. Cogan includes some studies about how lesbian feel in certain ways and doing certain things. She gives us lot information about how they build their
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