Sam 's Purse - Original Writing

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“Can you hold my bag for me while I go try this on?” Sam asks me as she tosses her purse in my direction.
“That’s a cute skirt.” I say as I catch Sam’s purse.
“I know right?” Sam says examining it. “They only have it in a size medium so I want to make sure it will fit. You know how it is, you could fit a small in one brand and in another you need a size up.”
“I know all too well.” I say. “Do you want me to come in with you?”
“No, I should be good for this one.” Sam says.
“Okay, I will be over here looking at the shoes.” I say.
“I will be out in a flash.” Sam says turning to go to the change rooms.
A few moments later I feel someone’s phone going off in Sam’s purse. Sam banned me from all communication with Aden this week so I can just …show more content…

The doctor just wanted me to call you just to inform you. It’s nothing you need to worry about.”
“So you don’t know the results of the scan yet?” I ask.
“We will know by the end of the day.” Nurse Daisy says.
“And you are certain that nothing should be wrong.” I say.
“Positive. We just performed the scan to be sure.” She says.
“But there is still a chance?” I ask.
“A very small percentage Riley.” Nurse Daisy reassures me.
“Aden just doesn’t know when to stop. He pushes himself too much.” I say talking to myself ignoring the fact I am still on the phone. “Maybe I should just come back today. I think I should be there with him to hear the results just in case something is wrong.”
“Riley, you don’t need to come back for this. I will call you as soon as the results are in.” Nurse Daisy says. “I am going to need to go; I am being paged for something. I promise I will let you know as soon as I get the results.”
Before I can say anything, she hangs up on me. I can’t believe it. I told Aden specifically not to overwork himself. I knew he would end up doing something stupid like this. What if this messes up the chance of him ever speaking again?
“Hey! Why is that phone in your hand?” Sam scolds me as she grabs it from me. “I leave for a minute and this is what you do.”
“I want to leave today.” I say plainly.
“What do you mean you want to leave today?” Sam

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