Sammy as a Representation of a Misunderstood Generation in A&P by John Updike

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John Updike presents us in his story A&P, through Sammy’s actions, the protest of young and misunderstood generation which he sees in his story, as rebellious and visionless by older generation for which all that does not obey to society's standards is unusual, unaccepted, and accentuated by the fineness of details and nuances, a deep insight intuition of choosing revealing moments of 1960’s, in which sexuality was taboo. With this Updike is announcing a big change in the culture, and of the times that he noticed it as such, expressing better through his writing, and presenting Sammy - his protagonist- which wants to be noticed along with signs of anxiety and insecurities, but follows his instincts which are recorded in a universe where his actions are completely different from what other aspects, bringing into focus the originality of character. In “A & P” we can see through John Updike’s description each feeling Sammy, a 19 year old, has which is working in a market store. He lives in a small town, having a quiet life and a future that was not offering many opportunities, but along with the arrival in store of the young barefoot girls which were wearing only bathing swims, he starts having all the mix feelings. The sexuality that promoted by the young girls outfit was not welcome in the setting of A&P, and against the policy store, even though the girls were focused only of what they come to buy, without any purpose of attracting other people’s attention. The girls’

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