Sample Resume : Ocean Disaster

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Garcia, Fernando
Ocean Disaster
Main Argument:
The name of my solution: Operation S.M.P. (Stopping Marine Pollution)
Implementing the solution-My goal: I am going to minimize the amount of pollution being put into the ocean. The way I plan to minimize this amount is by informing the general public of the dangers that come from throwing waste out mindlessly.
How I plan to attain my goal: Firstly, I will start by targeting people who love going to the beach for their daily activities such as surfers and beach users who are on the beach the most. These are the people who have to be on the lookout for any waste that comes across them on the beach such as glass, litter, and plastic bottles that are left out by others that have been on the …show more content…

Once I have captivated the communities’ attention, I will have more people volunteering, I will continue to hold these beach clean-ups indefinitely striving to draw a bigger crowd each time. Already having the public’s attention, I will provide information how cleaning up our ocean matters in the long run by making it reach the public through social networks. Letting them be fully aware on social networks allows more flexibility in the sharing of this information. Nowadays kids are always on social media and they are a big influence on parents and family members Children are more inclined to be on social media and have easier access to information than previous generations making this information available for children, especially information about either personal and global issues such as ocean pollution (O’Keefe).. By targeting the younger generation, I will be informing children of potential dangers that can come from this sort of pollution. This then leads the information into the ears of parents which is good for our cause. It is one thing for the information to be out there and another for people to act against this waste problem. My next and final step to this problem would be to get the local authorities’ attention such as the local mayor or governor that will pass laws that make it easier for the general public to dispose of waste. Most people do not dispose of their trash due to the inconvenience of putting in

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