Sample Resume : Ocean Disaster

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Garcia, Fernando Ocean Disaster Main Argument: The name of my solution: Operation S.M.P. (Stopping Marine Pollution) Implementing the solution-My goal: I am going to minimize the amount of pollution being put into the ocean. The way I plan to minimize this amount is by informing the general public of the dangers that come from throwing waste out mindlessly. How I plan to attain my goal: Firstly, I will start by targeting people who love going to the beach for their daily activities such as surfers and beach users who are on the beach the most. These are the people who have to be on the lookout for any waste that comes across them on the beach such as glass, litter, and plastic bottles that are left out by others that have been on the beach (Surfers against Sewage). Surfers and beach users are the easiest to target, but that can only help my campaign to have more people acknowledge what is going on at the beaches that they go to. My campaign of getting people active and informed can be relayed via troubled beach users and who are tired of seeing their beaches covered in filth. Now that I have beach users to start off with, I can begin running beach clean-ups which is one of the next big steps in my operation. Beach clean-ups will happen at every beach that is available to do them, because that is one solution that can be done that makes a difference (NRDC). Beach users helping out will reach out into the local community and ask for assistance as well as promoting the

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