Satarie in Knights and Dames by Leahy

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The comedic technique, Satire, is used in humour to criticise and trigger thoughts about today’s society, groups and issues. ‘Knights and Dames’ created by Satirist, Leahy, is a satirical cartoon that attempts to address issues and provoke thoughts about today’s political issues such as individuality and national identity. Hyperbole, situational irony and caricature are three of the satirical techniques used in this cartoon. This essay will aim to analyse the language features and satirical cartoons.
Though Political satire is usually used to provide entertainment and humour, it is also used to expose absurdity and hypocrisy among the political world. In order to understand the concept and meaning of a political cartoon, the reader must have an insight of the current political status and issues or it would be difficult to comprehend the cartoon. The cartoon, ‘Knights and Dames’ attempts to express the cartoonists opinion on the current Knights and Dames issue which is the reintroduction of the use of Sir and Madame. Knights and Dames are predominantly used throughout the United Kingdom. Tony Abbott, the man in the cartoon is shown in an unflattering light in order to make fun of him and his choices as prime minister. He is shown holding a flag from the United Kingdom with a book that says ‘Knights and Dames Reaction’. This shows that the cartoonist attempts to express that we are becoming like the UK and somewhat turning into them through Tony Abbotts choices hence why the

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