Satire Found in Candiate by Voltaire, Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervates, and A Modest Proposal by Jonathon Swift

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We often see satire in our everyday lives such as on televisions, novels, and music; but why is satire used? Satire is a form of writing used to denounce human vice, giving readers an insight on the flaws that the author sees in society. There are two different types of way to present satire: horation and juvenialian. In the three works: Candide by Voltaire, Don Quixote by Miguel De Cervantes, and A Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift all demonstrate the use of satire. However, Don Quixote presents only horation satire and A Modest Proposal uses juvenalian satire, while Candide uses both types of satire. By combining both horatian and juvenilian satire one’s piece is able to present social criticism more effectively than only using one. …show more content…

The author uses horation to point out the lack of respect towards prostitutes, although they have a lewd job, they should be treated as ladies. In turn, Don Quixote is once again made a dunce for his actions, conveying instead that kind actions are wasteful and will only make one look half-witted. A Modest Proposal on the other hand, used juvenalian satire which was too serious to fully grasp the idea Jonathan Swift wanted to show to the readers. Juvenalian satire, quite the opposite of horation, is a specific attack on a individual or human behavior. Swift addresses the solution to the poverty in Ireland in a manner so blunt he sounds somewhat serious about “a young healthy child...stewed, roasted, baked, or boiled” Swift targets his attack on the Irish and exaggerates how far the Irish would go for money (2030). A reader, may not notice that this human characteristic, greed, applies to all mankind. Swift in other cases offends the British as well. Swift suggests his proposition so wildly for the British will accept it. However, this only gives insight to readers that the British are self-inovlved when in fact it

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