Saving the Family's Name in Desiree’s Baby by Kate Chopin

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The short story “Desiree’s Baby: by Kate Chopin is my favorite story so far in what we read in class. Why? Well because Chopin Shows how far a man will go just to save his family’s name and reputation. This interested me because I couldn’t believe a man would go that far keep his reputation and how Chopin address real life issues and shows how one emotion can be your down fall at the same time.. The man in Desiree’s baby who took his words and actions to far is named Armand Aubigny . Chopin made Armand make his decision based on assumptions, racism, anger and male dominance. Chopin Shows that back then race was everything. It meant so much that people would consider you subhuman or worthless if u had any in your blood line, it also ruined relationships and caused the feeling of disgrace. Armand took this serious he was the typical stereotype. Armand was the master of the L'Abri plantation; he was a strict master who treated the slaves cruel. So much that, the narrator says, “The negroes had forgotten how to be gay.” So you can imagine the thought of him finding out his child was of color. When he found out all hell broke loose. He wanted no parts of Desiree or the baby after finding out. He even said it was Desiree’s fault because she has some Negro blood in her. Desiree’s reaction was priceless instead of fighting for her baby and herself; she just felt disgrace and couldn’t believe she would have some Negro blood in her. She even says it’s a lie, gives her whole

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