Scandinavian Mythologies Essay

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From three different sources The Faerie Queene, The Mabinogion and Beowulf two concept, one from each Celtic and Scandinavian Mythologies can be seen. The first concept is from Scandinavian mythology and is that of the idea of redemption or dying well. The second is from Celtic mythology and is the use of the "Other" or "Otherworld".
From the two stories, The Faerie Queene and The Mabinogion, what would give the reader the greatest feeling of hope throughout them both would be the idea of comeuppance. To have the hope that in the end the good people will triumph and the bad will receive their penalty, as they should but rarely do. The word redeem mainly has two meanings to either win back or restore something and the second to make …show more content…

“So avenged I their fiendish deeds
death-fall of Danes, as was due and right.
And this is my hest, that in Heorot now
safe thou canst sleep with thy soldier band, 
and every thane of all thy folk
both old and young; no evil fear,” The tales of Macha Mong-rúad, are another part of Celtic mythology that holds redemption and kingship deep within it's stories. As we begin the story the reader almost immediately sympathizes with the character Macha, as she is the true heir of the King and it is her right to rule. As the follow along her story, we pull for her in her battles and clever schemes to beat the usurpers to her crown. The readers hope in justice , that the destined and worthy Queen holds the throne,is fulfilled in the end as she captures her competition and seizes control. In all of the stories the virtuous characters are the protagonist, who consistently fight against either one or many of the less virtuous. The Idea of justice is rendered several times throughout The Faerie Queene, through each battle won by either the Red Cross Knight, Arthur or The Lady Una. In the beginning, the reader learns of the evil deed done by the dragon, the capturing of the Lady Una’s parents. The reader understands that the dragon is the “bad guy” in the story and hopes that in the end Una and her guide Redcrosse overcome the dragon. In the end, the readers' hopes that the Lady Una's parents will be restored to her and to

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