Scene Analysis in "A Midsummer Nights Dream"

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‘Midsummer Nights Dream’ is one of Shakespeare’s most famous and successful plays. The play was part of Shakespeare’s early work. It was written and performed around 1595. ‘A Midsummer Nights Dream’ is a romantic comedy play; and that’s what I will be focusing on how Shakespeare creates humour in act 5 scene 1. So how does he create humour?
There are many ways as to how Shakespeare creates humour; one of the main reasons is through the characters. There are there sets of characters the fairies, court and the mechanicals in this case it’s the mechanicals. The mechanicals are normal workers that want to become actors. They are uneducated, you can tell this because Bottom (mechanical) says in act 4 scene 2 line 20 “Where are these lads?”
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Theseus comments on the childish actors by saying “His speech was like a tangled chain, nothing impaired, but all disordered.” Act 5 scene, lines 123-124. This shows that because of Quince’s lack of education he cannot send the right information he wants to send to the audience. Due to the bumpy start of the play the court had already created a comical atmosphere. All of this entertainment and amuses the audience (both in the play and watching the play). The themes of this play are mostly to do with love and magic however the play as a whole is a comedy. The magic scene is the scene that brings the whole play together. Without it the lovers would not be called lovers and there wouldn’t be a marriage. Before Puck put the love potion on them Lysander was in love with Hermia but her dad wanted her to marry Demetrius; and Helena was in love with Demetrius and Demetrius was in love with Hermia. Puck sorted things out by putting a love potion on Demetrius so that he falls in love with Helena. The funny part about it all is when they are all confused when they awake from what they think is a dream which is a dramatic irony because we know it wasn’t a dream but in fact a reality. One of the ways Shakespeare creates humour in the mechanicals performance is with the usage of props. Through Shakespeare’s intelligent writing skills he sends a strong message that there is a man playing a wall. This is funny because Snout(playing the wall) actually has a speech
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