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Scent Security Life is unpredictable, anything can happen at any minute. With todays increasing use of transportation and interaction with many people, the need for more security has increased. The overlying purpose of our nations security is to protect and keep everyone as safe as possible. Life is a very valuable thing. In order to help keep ones life they have stay safe and prevent any unnecessary harm. Dogs are very useful to humans and help in many ways we don't always notice. Ranging from seeing eye and therapy dogs to search and rescue and prevention dogs; many dogs play important rolls in protecting and saving our lives. One of those roles is with the use of security screening done by dogs! Canines are trained with their handlers to sniff out specific scents and chemicals to improve the security of our nation with the use of specific resources and ethically appropriate ways within the Transportation Security Administration program. As the world’s population has been exponentially growing, the need for more efficient security follows. In our …show more content…

Steven M. Lord, the direction of Homeland Security and Justice Issues said it best, “Securing the nation’s vast and diverse transportation system is a challenging task that is complicated by the ever-changing and dynamic threat environment.” As of 2016 there are almost 1000 canine teams on duty with TSA across the nation, with three main divisions that branch into seven different categories in which the dogs can be put into (see figure 1) . The three divisions consist of Law Enforcement Officers (LEO), Transportation Security Inspectors (TSI) and Passenger Screening Canines (PSC). The divisions made up by aviation, mass transit, maritime, multimodal for both LEO and TSI, air cargo, and passenger screening. With the largest division being within the aviation field standing with over 500

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