Schindler's List Psychological Analysis

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What is social psychology? social psychology is the study of how the social settings influences us. When we say influence we could be talking about implicit influences. The thought of implicit influences is better described by the Williams & Bargh 2008 study. This study, is where physical temperature and interpersonal warmth meet. With this study, the confederate had either a warm cup of coffee or either a cold cup of coffee. When the confederate gave, the test subjects the warm cup of coffee they perceived them as being a warm person, but when they were asked to hold the cold cup of coffee they perceived the confederate as being a cold person. Also, when influenced is mention the fact that attitudes influence our actions should be noted. Attitudes …show more content…

It’s about a man who saved millions of Jews during the holocaust. The movie uses cinematography effects to provide help empathizes on how it was back then. It helps put the watches during that time. Schindler’s list is a very thought provoking movie. Oskar Schindler in the beginning of the movie is shown putting on a Nazi party pin. Then later goes to a club where he integrates himself with one of the highest ranking Nazi official and some of his friends. Schindler later takes pictures with them as this point I feel as if Schindler is portraying cognitive dissonance. where his actions and attitude is not in alignment. He is associating himself as being a Nazi, doing things as if he was a Nazi. Wearing a pin that identify him as a Nazi but, his true attitude does not agree with his actions. Over time schindler started to change his attitude about saving Jews. He would hide the fact that he felt good saving them. Although Every time his accountant Stern would bring people to the factory he would scolded Stern. Schindler tried to save as many Jews as he could by employing them to work in his factory. This kept many of them from going to death camps where they would have eventually been killed. It was a tragic …show more content…

They both share the concept of obedience, and cognitive dissonance. In the article Replicating Milgram: Would people still obey today? American Psychologist it showed both obedience and cognitive dissonance. Obedience was shown when “Participants always started with the lowest voltage switch, a relatively mild 15 volts with no noticeable effect on the learner, and proceeded in 15-volt increments up the shock generator’s range” (Burger 3). this part demonstrated the participants “need to act and appear in a consistent manner would have made it difficult for a participant to refuse to press the 195-volt switch after just pressing the 180-volt switch” (Burger 3).the participants didn’t feel as if they were doing anything wrong. They felt as if they were the type of person who followed the experimenter’s instructions. The movie showed cognitive dissonance when the one of the Nazi guard hard a moment of conflict when he was order to kill the lady for simply telling what was wrong with building but he did it

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