Schizophreni Schizophrenia Or Schizophrenia Spectrum Disorder ( Ssd )

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Schizophrenia or Schizophrenia Spectrum Disorder (SSD) is a gradually deteriorating or relatively stable disturbance in thinking, behavior and perception. Schizophrenia is characterized by positive and negative symptoms. The negative symptoms of Schizophrenia are described by the DSM-5 as symptoms of expressive deficits and avolition. (American Psychiatric Association [APA 2013]). The positive symptoms of schizophrenia are called psychotic symptoms. They include hallucinations, delusions and disorganized speech and behavior.
Schizophrenia remains a prevalent mental disorder, which affects about 1% of the world’s populations (Olivares, Sermon, Hemels, & Schreiner, 2013). This psychiatric disorder is defined as a type of encumbering, incapacitating mental illness. Schizophrenia is known to affect 0.7% of the United States adult population (Lin, Wong, Offord, & Mirski, 2013). Schizophrenia disorder can become a weighty burden on patients as well as the families. According to (Ascher-Svanum, Novick, Haro, Bertsch, McDonnell, D., & Detke, 2013), schizophrenia is therefore defined as a chronic, relapsing psychiatric disorder that causes recurrent readmission into an inpatient psychiatric unit.
Based on a longitudinal cohort study conducted in Netherlands, it measures were age, gender, time of birth (season), and location (urbanity and deprivation). Each measure was calculated per calendar year (Sutterland, Dieleman, Storosum, Voordouw, Kroon, Veldhuis, Denys,

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