School Climate Is The Principles And Standards That Lie Beneath The Practices

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School climate is the principles, and standards that lie beneath the practices, academics and the day-to-day operation of the school. School climate is created by how well the teachers and administration implement, enforce the values, and principles of the school. In schools with strong school climate, the faculty demonstrate behaviors that improve climate, such as greeting students by name, learning their interest, and being welcoming. When teachers and principals respond to policy violations respectfully for example, it will improve school climate. Creating a good school climate leads to a strong school culture. School culture is how the faculty, staff, and students value the importance of education, rules, and the expectations. Two …show more content…

The acts are compiled in reports annually for the Department of Public Instruction. East Montgomery did not have violent reportable crimes in the 2015-2016 school year. There were eleven reportable crimes, five for possession of marijuana, one for tobacco, and five for possession of a weapon other than a gun. In all weapons possession they were pocket or hunting/fishing knives. Those students had out of school suspension (OSS) along with ninety-four other students. In-school suspension was assigned to three hundred eighty-three students. Students had ISS for a variety of reasons ranging from skipping school to disrespect of a teacher. Twenty-four students were placed in an alternative learning program; this is typically a long process and involves interventions prior to the placement. (Reportable Crimes Report, 2016-2017) The students’ minor infractions and lack of violent incidents may explain why on the TWCS a majority of the teachers feel the school is safe but only fifty-five percent feel like rules are consistently enforced. In addition, only sixty percent reported that students understood expectations for their conduct. This was by far the weakest area for the school on the survey. Teacher practices affect school climate and culture and therefore must be addressed by the SIT team. Teachers’

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