School Education Should Be Abolished

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Around school and wherever we go we are surrounded by companies. While corporate sponsorship of schools, particularly, high school and colleges, would lead to increase improvement of deteriorating equipment and lead to new program funding, in the end, the defective overweighs the new. While there are positive outcomes, in the end, with a massive sponsorship there is a biased opinion toward the company, weakening schools credibility and creating a sense of debt toward the company, causing anger and unenrollment. It makes more damage and therefore should be abolished.
To begin, to an extent, it is accurate that corporate funding may increase the amount of revenue the high schools and colleges obtain, as corporates argue. Do fundings improve schools? Yes, but it is can also damage them. For example, in Godinez High School, located in Santa Ana, through the halls along the corridors, there are student-athletes, specifically volleyball players with the Nike logo on their backpack and the well-known slogan “Just Do It”. We cannot help but think, how much money is saved and what agreement did the company and school come up with? Sponsorships allow for less contribution and spending on sports and instead focusing on improving the school and benefit other activities. There has been remodeling in the library: a renovated lounge with modern tables and modern chairs that allow students to interact with one another. Additionally, there has also been SAT prep classes available to

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