School Prayer In School

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Thesis: The removal of school prayer was a bad thing for students morals. Prayer sets a standard for the students. Allowing prayer in school may improve a lot of things about the students at school. The behavior of students would change dramatically kids would not be mean to other students. Prayer is a action which proclaims that life is more than just saving an environment or accumulating wealth (Hovis 1). People might think that God is evil, our experiments with replacing affirmation of humanism has been a dismal failure. “The only thing of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Removing the school prayer sends a message to our children, when we allow laws to be passed which limit the free expression. The Federal and Supreme Court judges should be impeached who undermines the freedom which this country was founded. The situation has become so absurd that that congressional prayer cannot be voluntarily read in school buildings. The removal of school prayer was a bad thing for students morals. Mortality declines without prayer, prayer can shape a good citizen. With prayer students have something to gain, they can be more helpful with others and the peers around them. Since prayer was removed from school the violence has increased and grade have dropped. SAT’s have dropped drastically. More kids have been birth out of wedlock. Increased in drug used and increased in juvenile crimes. Deterioration of school behavior also. People also have a choice to be faithful, most who

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