School Shooting Essay

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Research in school shootings have been administered in many categories, including sociology, psychology, and etc. past studies, and direct later studies in school shootings, offers a sociology stand point for understanding the differences of school shooting incidents, including rampage shootings, mass murders shootings, and examining the mass media dynamic of school shootings; as well as presenting a combination of causes said in the research, including those on the individual, community, and social levels. Suggestions for studies in the future in school shootings are still yet to be explored.
In school-related shootings, the public has been seen to dramatize the nature of the crime, induce strong public exclamation, and with good reason. …show more content…

School shootings were an ascendant social problem, often because the events gathered public interest, which contributed to the perception that school shootings were a new form of violence occurring with increased frequency and intensity.
An initial requirement is to define the phenomenon of school shootings and the subcategories of incidents, the varying motives and identities of the perpetrators of school shootings. While rampage attacks are a difference in school shooting incidents that have captured the sculpted eye of mass media's attention in the last decade, a broader historical perspective reveals a wide range of school-related shooting incidents. the school-related mass murder incident, typically carried out by an individual who targets categories of individuals or the school institution in general. School-related mass murders are a branch of mass murder incidents, where an adult perpetrator, who is not a current or former student or employee, targets a school institution or group of students, selected for their importance. As in rampage cases, such incidents are sometimes labeled "postal-type shootings", and are typically people who desire power. Mass media's vital role in the public perception of school shootings is seen as a social problem, and social scientists

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