School Shootings : The Causes Of School Shootings

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Statistics show that 53% of school shootings take place in K-12, while the other 47% take place in college or university campuses. In April of 1999, two boys shot up their school, injuring and murdering many of their fellow classmates. The horrific attack made on the school is now known and referred to as Columbine, the largest school massacre of the late 90’s and early 2000’s. The most explored question in a situation like this has to be why they did what they did and what drove them to do it. Although both Dylan and Eric were mentally disturbed, Dylan was more of a sociopath, compared to his psychopath counterpart, Eric. Dylan more or less loathed in depression while Eric loathed in destruction. Dylan was insecure about himself and thought that eventually all his friends will abandon him. Dylan thought that the only person that wasn’t going to leave him was his brother but when his brother got kicked out of their house for doing drugs, Dylan felt even more lonely. He also had a journal that talked about how he compensated suicide a time or two, how he didn’t believe in God’s decisions and how he was severely depressed. “‘I get more depressed with each day,’ he complained. Why did friends keep deserting him? They did not, actually, but Dylan perceived it that way. He fretted about Eric dumping him, too. ‘Wanna die,’ he repeated. Death equaled freedom npw; death offered tranquility….. Then he weighed the other option: He named a friend and said he ‘will get me a gun, ill go

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