Sciatica Case Study Essay

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Unlike the normal development of the sciatic nerves and the lower back, sciatica causes irritation of the lumbosacral spine and lower lumbar roots. The pain may be infrequent and irritating.
Physical and Psychological Demands the Disorder Places On the Patient and Family
Sciatica causes functional limitations to the patient in addition to emotional repercussions. The individual withdraws from society, worsens one’s relationship with their family and brings about interpersonal relationship problems. Some patients may have difficulties coping with the severe pain, which leaves family members to cater to them in ways that require physical activities.
Achieving Optimal Disorder Management and Outcomes
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He smokes marijuana and drinks with his friends, which may cause him long-lasting depression, especially when combined with sciatica. The marginalization the patient might get from people around him would deter the long-term progression regarding optimal management of the condition and its outcome.
Evidence-Based Approach to Address the Key Issues
Research indicates that active exercise programs are essential in promoting early recovery to allow the patient to resume active physical life. Further, to resolve the symptoms of sciatica, doctors may administer epidural corticosteroid injections. As such, a patient-focused strategy involving clinical expertise and best evidence would be helpful in managing the low back pain.
Tailored Approach to Sciatica Management
The patient should stay active but avoid heavy lifting or physical work. Doctors will prescribe regular pain relievers to manage the disorder. Referral would be crucial to help in physical treatments, multidisciplinary and manipulation approaches, which should take place after every two weeks. The suitable multidisciplinary approaches include cognitive behavioral therapy, McKenzie exercises as well as chiropractic manipulative therapy and standard GP to decrease the pain and boost physical

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