Science Behind Climate Change : The Earth 's Atmosphere

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Science Behind Climate Change
The planet’s system experiences a flow of energy either inside or outside of it. The balance between these movements determines the earth’s temperatures. The sun releases energy that is absorbed into the crust resulting in a warm climate. The earth does not warm in the event where the sun’s energy gets reflected back into space. There is a cold climate that results from the release of absorbed energy back into space (Revkin, 2002). Many factors attribute to variations in earth’s energy balance. They are either natural or man-made and include changes in the sun’s energy accessing the earth.
Additionally, it could be variations in the reflectivity of the atmosphere and the surface of the earth or changes occurring in the greenhouse effect. The latter has an impact on the heat amount contained in the earth’s atmosphere. Scientists argue that climate changes witnessed in the 19700s were consequences of natural causes such as disparity in solar energy, volcanic eruptions, or even the natural change occurring in greenhouse gas concentrations. However, recent climate changes are as a result of a combination of natural causes and human activities (Cooper, 1996).
Impact of Climate Change
Life on earth has transformed significantly following climate change. Every corner of the universe is experiencing a shift in seasons, high temperatures, as well as increased sea levels. As all this is happening, living things remain hopeful that the universe shall

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