Scottsboro Boys Summary

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Nigiste Abdi
Ethnic Studies 101
Scottsboro Boys Summary
In the year 1931, all nine of the Scottsboro boys Haywood Patterson, Charles Weems, Clarence Norris, Andy Wright, Ozzie Powell, Olen Montgomery, Eugene Williams, Willie Roberson, and Roy Wright are arrested and tried on charges of assault from fighting white boys on a train. Along with accusations made by Victoria Price and Ruby Bates that the boys raped them. Their trial begins April 6, 1931. All of the boys except for Roy Wright are tired and convicted, with the result of the death sentence, Roy Wright’s trial ends in a mistrial. Later the NAACP and International Labor Defense, fight to represent the boys. Even though there was no proof that the boys committed these crimes they …show more content…

I think that her attitude during the trial and her location on the train makes it hard to believe that she was raped. Also one of the witnesses to this rape was Orville Gilley who was one of the white boys that was involved in the fight, but he was also sexually involved with victoria so I do not think he is a reliable witness.
The judges that were on the Scottsboro boys’ cases were William Callahan, and

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