Secondhand Smoke Is Unhealthy For Everyone, Especially For Young Children

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Secondhand smoke is unhealthy for everyone, especially for young children. Children are more susceptible to suffer the detrimental health effects of secondhand smoke because they breathe in more air than adults due to their size and weight. In addition, children are constantly growing and developing. During their development stage, children are more sensitive to the consequences of secondhand smoke, which is ultimately dangerous to their immune and respiratory systems. Furthermore, secondhand smoke is significantly harmful to children with asthma, which is a chronic health condition whose symptoms include coughing, wheezing, and shortness of breath. Children, both with and without asthma, are powerless to protect themselves from the dangers of secondhand smoke, so we the adults have to protect them. Secondhand smoke, also referred to as environmental tobacco smoke, primarily comes from cigars and cigarettes The effects of breathing in secondhand smoke is equivalent to smoking a cigarette. In addition, the chemicals released by cigarettes and cigars contain many poisons, such as benzene, butane, ammonia, toluene, and hydrogen cyanide (American Lung Association). These poisons from secondhand smoking are prevalent in children’s surroundings, causing them to breathe these toxins in homes, day cares, and cars. Children who are exposed to these toxins are at an increased risk for sudden infant death syndrome, acute respiratory infections such as bronchitis and pneumonia, otitis

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